Ana M.
Feb., 2015

For the last 17 years I have been dealing with the results of an injury to my left shoulder and its general region. Initially I went through several forces of physical therapy and a significant amount of medication, and eventually I got to a level of pain that was tolerable. This chronic pain, however, has been the general annoyance to my otherwise mundane existence. This most irritating pain situation has affected every aspect of life, personal and professional and this is where David comes in. David and I work in the same office , and through casual conversation last year, I mentioned my most problematic shoulder. David told me he was studying to become a Feldenkrais practitioner and said that one day he would like to work on it.
Recently on a Sunday morning I took him up on his generous offer. He had become a Feldenkrais practitioner. Immediately he set me at ease and begun working on my shoulder for a significant amount of time. Previously, whenever I had physical therapy it was always painful and rather unpleasant. As David worked on me, I felt no pain and actually began to feel the clutches of pain vanishing. It was as if the pain was leaching out. After he was done, my shoulder felt better than it has for years. My first comment was “I feel the pain, but it feels like the pain does not have to be there anymore.” It’s strange to explain that it suddenly felt as if some of the pain had been given permission to leave me.
It has been about three weeks since that experience and there are some days better than others. The biggest gift I gained from working with David was being more aware of how I carry myself contributes to the general shoulder pain.

April, 2015

Thank you for being so amazing.

July, 2016

Feldenkrais is a methodology empowering a person to move and live with painless ease, by breaking through barriers and reintegrating the cohesiveness of mind and body.


Robert O.
Jan., 2016

I’ve received Feldenkrais lessons from several teachers. David’s have been the most enjoyable and beneficial lessons I’ve experienced. I highly recommend him.


Vance R.
June, 2016

In 2006 it was time for me to get sober. Working with Medical Doctors specializing in addiction, finding a therapist I liked and trusted, was like going to college majoring in my own mental health. We worked together 5 years when I decided to move on.
A year later I was seeking treatment for anxiety and depression. Going back to what I knew – finding a new therapist, then settling into the same routine – I soon realized it was not the same as before. I was becoming disconnected from the process. Then I heard about Feldenkrais and met David Rowland. I checked out some books from the library. I had to experience Feldenkrais.
I started with David in January. After the first visit, when I left I felt wonderful and the process became more fantastic and effective managing anxiety with each passing week.